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Application & Election To Membership

a) Unless otherwise required by these Bylaws, all prospective members must be sponsored by two Full, Emeritus or Life Members who are familiar with the professional standing of the prospective member.
The sponsors must print their names and sign the application forms.

b) A detailed curriculum vitae must accompany the application or request for an application.
A recent passport photo must accompany the application.

c) Membership applications shall be reviewed by the Membership Secretary and EXCO, and submitted to the Membership for review and/or approval at the AGM.

d) Membership status of any class may be revoked at any time, for any reason or for no reason, with or without cause, by majority vote of the then existing Full Members.

e) Membership shall terminate upon resignation, death, dissolution, nonpayment of dues for a period of one year, or for Full Members non-attendance at the annual scientific meeting and/or consistent nonparticipation in SASS-sponsored research activities.

Full (Active) Member
Limited to Medical Specialists who demonstrate continuing interest in the problems of the spine and the pursuits and affairs of the Society.
Associate Member
Such membership may be granted to practioners who are not Medical Specialists, provided the nature of the practices demonstrate continuing interest in the problems of the spine and affairs of the SASS.
Honorary Member
Honorary Membership may be conferred on exceptional persons who have been helpful to the Society or have been deemed to deserve this distinction by way of having made exceptional contributions in the field of spinal disorders
Affiliate (Corresponding) Member
Affiliate (Corresponding) Membership may be granted to a Medical Specialist with an active interest in spinal problems who is not a resident of the Republic of South Africa.
Emeritus Membership
Emeritus Membership may be granted to a Full, Associate or Affiliate Member who has been an active member of the SASS for at least five years and who requests a change in membership status in writing, after retiring from his or her practice of spinal medicine or upon reaching the age of 65
Life Member
Life Membership may be conferred on persons who are members of the SASS and who have rendered distinguished services to the SASS
Extraordinary Member

Extraordinary Membership may be granted to scientists who are not Medical Practioners, Allied Health or Technical Professionals, provided their work gives them a special interest in spinal medicine

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Payment of Membership Fees
All further membership fees and other payments should be made into our Investec account

EFT Payments:
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch: 100 Grayston drive
Branch Code:58 01 05
Type of Account:
Current Account
Account Number: 10011876569

Cash and cheque deposits:
Cash and cheque deposits can be made at any ABSA branch using account number 01043960306 and reference number 10011876569

Proof of payments:
Please send proof of payment to Marilyn van der Berg at

The old FNB account will still be maintained for a few months

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